What is a pawn?

  • We hold your item as collateral & loan you cash in return.
  • A pawn is not selling your item.
  • A pawn allows you to extend the loan by making payments.
  • A pawn allows you to borrow CASH today on your valuables without having to sell them.
  • A pawn allows you to get your items back after paying off your loan
  • Failing to pay or redeem your pawn will not affect your credit score in any way.

 How does a pawn work?

  • Bring in your item of value that you own
  • We will assess your item
  • We will make you an offer
  • We will test your item
  • We input you ID info into our system
  • We generate a pawn contract
  • We hand you the cash
  • We store your item

* Must be 18yrs or older

* Must have a government issued ID

* You must own the item

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